The Zooniverse
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Dixon Bainbridge

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Bob Fossil, Vince Noir, Howard Moon

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The Zooniverse is a zoo owned by Dixon Bainbridge; the crazy explorer with even crazier ideas. Despite owning it he only appears at important zoo-related events but does not take anything particularly seriously, probably because he knows as the rich owner of a zoo there is nought that anyone can do about it.

The zoo is managed, however, by Bob Fossil who has very little experience with animals and can never remember any of their names and is forced to describe them to someone so they can tell him the animal's name. There are a few zoopkeepers, such as Vince Noir and Howard Moon who both spend most their time in the zoo itself and have no other social life, and Mrs Gideon who looks over the Reptile House and is also Howard Moon's love interest.

In the radio show, it was managed by Fossil and called "Fossil's Fun World".

Members of the ZooEdit

There are only a few animals and staff in the zoo, but luckily there is also only a few visitors to notice.



  • Two Pandas (Charlie)
  • Some Gorillias (One of which is Bollo)
  • A kangaroo (Killeroo)
  • No Elephants
  • Python - Referred to as the Long mover by Dixon Bainbridge
  • Cobra
  • Jack - A fox Howard supposedly had a "thing" with.
  • A violent, dancing, russian bear (The Hitcher)
  • Several Mutants (Mutants)

Strange EventsEdit

Weird events have often occurred in the Zooniverse, and by often we mean most episodes. The following is a list of those events:

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