Tommy Nookah

Tommy Nookah is a fictional character originally portrayed by Richard Ayoade, and later portrayed by Rich Fulcher.

He originally appeared in the radio episode Jungle (television episode) and later in revised form during the first series of the TV show. In both versions he is the previous owner of the Zooniverse where Howard Moon and Vince Noir work; he is assumed by many to be dead, and Howard sees him as an idol and mentor, despite Vince pointing out that he was a short, stocky character with an exceptionally wide head. Howard and an unenthusiastic Vince later enter the Jungle room of the zoo to find Tommy in order to save the zoo from being sold by Dixon Bainbridge. Tommy has a problem with calcium, and when found has a head made almost entirely of cheese. In order to save the zoo, Howard grates Tommy and gives the cheese to Bainbridge, who after eating it mimics Tommy's philisophical mannerism (e.g. I'm going to sell the zoo...but am I really going to sell the zoo?) and drives the realters away.