For the 2006 Secret Policeman's Ball, Noel and Julian re-worked a few routines from their 2006 stage show into an 8 minute show.Noel and Julian introduce themselves(as Vince and Howard).

Vince suggests a game of pelt the rabbit in his big white face to warm the audience up, but Howard decides they should start with a performance of Pies. After the performance, Vince criticises it for being too dark, so Howard challenges him to a sword fight. They then re-enact the sword routine from the 2006 stage show, even adopting The Hitcher's and Rudi's voices towards the end. Just as Vince is about to behead Howard, the "Pelt the rabbit" theme starts. They both flee, but are ultimately caught and bummed by the rabbit from the stage show plus several more cartoon-looking rabbits.