The Power of the Crimp
Air Date 29 November 2007
Director Paul King
Previous Journey to the Centre of a Punk
Next The Strange Tale of the Crack Fox

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The Power of the Crimp is the third episode in Series 3 of The Mighty Boosh. It is followed by the episode The Strange Tale of the Crack Fox.

Vince arrives at work late, depressed and distraught that a copycat named Lance Dior is stealing his style. Howard attempts to cheer him up by showing him Gary Numan and by telling him its what's inside that counts. Howard quickly abandons this philosophy when he has his style stolen by Lance Dior's partner, Harold Boom, who together become The Flighty Zeus. As The Flighty Zeus become increasingly more popular, The Mighty Boosh become increasingly dejected, feeling the Zeus are always one step ahead of them. The Boosh almost give up, before having the idea of premiering their music invention, crimping, at a gig at The Velvet Onion. They arrive to find The Flighty Zeus plagiarising an earlier crimp of theirs. The Boosh challenge the Zeus to a crimp-off, eventually winning by way of a four-way crimp, involving Howard, Vince, Naboo, and Bollo.

This episode starred British singer Gary Numan, and British actor Simon Farnaby