The Moon

"I'm the moon..."
―The Moon

The moon first appeared at the very first episode of the series Killeroo. However, it was just a moon and didn't talk. The Moon as a character first appeared in episode 1 of the second series and has re-appeared in every following episode as well as the 2006 stage show. He gives nonsensical monologues, some of which are related to the story arc of the episode and many of which are just rambling comments. He is described on various occasions as an alabaster retard, a vanilla rapist, or quite simply a dimwit.

The Moon is created by putting Noel Fielding with shaving cream on his face in front of a green-screen. He very closely resembles the Moon from the influential 1902 French silent film Le Voyage dans la lune (A Trip To the Moon).

The moon does not pay for dental surgery and seems to be put off by optometrists getting too close. He believes that when you are the moon the best form you can be is a full moon. He is friendly with all of the solar system (particularly Saturn and Jupiter, the latter of which he ate an impostor on his behalf) except for Pluto, who apparently ignores him. The moon also once licked the Sun's back during an eclipse.

In The Power Of The Crimp, the moon confronts his own doppelgänger. He then calls upon the help of Jupiter to 'munch up' the imposter moon.

He also appears in a cameo role in an episode of Noel Fielding's Luxury Comedy wherein he states 'I'm the moon... I'm not in this show.'.