The Crack Fox

The Crack Fox is an insane, crack-addled, yet very clever fox, once named Jerome, who first appears in the Series Three episode "The Strange Tale of the Crack Fox". He travelled from bucolic Cambridge to London in search of wild parties and homosexual sex, but rapidly fell on hard times, and now lives in the rubbish heaps of Dalston.

He is played by Julian Barratt.

His story Edit

As told by The Crack Fox to Vince Noir, in Series 3 Episode 4, "The Strange Tale of the Crack Fox":

Once upon another time, there was a fox, and he was called Jerome. He lived in the woods, in Elderberry Wood. His friends were Nicholas the Tennis Rat and Dante the Racist Badger.

They spent their days punting down the lazy rivers of Cambridge town. Occasionally would eat a cucumber sandwich and sit under Mr. Willow the Tree.

One day, whilst relaxing, he found a copy of Cheekbone Magazine. It was in the bush. And he read an article about London life. He read it over and over, and over, and over again, and over. And then, decided he was gonna go to London! His friends said, "No! You can't go!" But he decided he was gonna, 'cause he was a willfulll little fox, and he set off to the town.

Three days later, he was off his tiny face in a gay club. Woohoo! The fun, fun times for him! But the party lifestyle took its toll. Eventually he ended up on the streets, begging for cheese in Dalston.

That fox, my friend, was none other than me, the Crack Fox.

Appearances Edit

The Crack Fox takes up residence in the massive pile of bin bags Vince Noir tossed behind the Nabootique. During the episode, he tricks Vince into letting him inside the Nabootique, where he steals Naboo's shaman juice. After absorbing the magic juice through his syringe fingers, he becomes incredibly powerful (demonstrating telekenesis) before eventually being stopped by a Bin man Friend of Howard Moon's and his pnumatic rubbish compressing rubbish van.

Played by Julian Barratt.

He also appeared in the Future Sailors Live show.

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