Snuff Box (sometimes referred to as Berry & Fulcher's Snuff Box) is a BBC Three sketch show starring and written by Matt Berry and Rich Fulcher, who met on the first series of The Mighty Boosh. It first aired on Monday 27 February 2006.

Both actors use their real names for their main characters. Berry plays a hangman ("High Executioner to the King of England"), and Fulcher his assistant. The majority of the programme is set in a "gentlemen's club for hangmen", although the show is also interspersed with sequences of sketches, often featuring different characters.

Berry composed the complete soundtrack for the series. He sang most of the vocal parts and played most of the instuments. He recorded the theme tune in his flat. Legendary hit-maker Tony Hatch advised Berry on the brass sections.

Each episode begins with Berry and Fulcher walking down a white corridor. After walking for some time, they choose a door which often leads into a random or surreal situation. Recurring sketches and themes during the programme include:

  • Matt and Rich hanging a man, whilst making light hearted conversation.
  • Music composers meeting a famous rock legend (including David Bowie and Jimi Hendrix), with Rich unaware of their identity.
  • Matt chatting up an attractive woman, and upon finding out she has a boyfriend, casually yet directly stating "Fuck you" and dropping (such as a tray of drinks) or breaking whatever the woman was holding.
  • Rich travelling back in time to 1888 and meeting Matt's great-great-uncle who showers him with prostitutes.
  • Matt entering a boutique and ending up being beaten by a series of attendants.

It has been confirmed that there will not be a second series. As a result the show has become a cult success and a DVD release date has been set for 2007.

Episodes Edit

  1. Rich's Mother
  2. Matt's Diary
  3. Punchline
  4. Oh Brothers
  5. Love Triangle
  6. Wedding

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