The Mighty Boosh radio series followed the early stage shows, and preceded the first television series. It consists of six episodes and was originally broadcast in 2001 on BBC London Live. It was written and performed by Julian Barratt, Noel Fielding, and Rich Fulcher.


The Boosh were signed by the BBC soon after the success of Autoboosh and in October 2001 The Mighty Boosh radio series, produced by Danny Wallace, was first broadcast on BBC London Live, then BBC Radio 4 , and later BBC 7. This six-part series won the Douglas Adams Award for innovative comedy writing, an award which was created to honour this specific series and has not been awarded since. The set is now available from the BBC on Audio CD.

The plots to all the episodes except Stolen were reworked extensively and reused in the first TV series.

The Mighty Boosh returned to radio again on 22 October 2004, when they did a comedy special for The Breezeblock, a show on BBC Radio 1. Instead of the plot driven nature of the series, this show featured improvised conversational comedy with Barrat, Fielding and Fulcher, combined with the show's usual mix of electronic music.

Episode ListingEdit

  1. Stolen: A mysterious character called "The Phantom" is stealing animals from the zoo. Howard and Vince go on a mission to find the thief and the sinister figure behind the plot. Was first broadcast on 16 October 2001.
  2. Jungle: Tired of Bob Fossil's management, Howard and Vince venture into the zoo's Jungle Room in search of former zoo boss Tommy Nookah, who disappeared there long ago. Was first broadcast on 23 October 2001.
  3. Jazz: Vince forms a rock band, but after annoying the guitarist Dave, and driving him to quit, he calls on Howard to overcome the Spirit of Jazz and join them. Was first broadcast on 30 October 2001.
  4. Mutants: When keeper Joey Moose is savagely bitten, Howard and Vince investigate and discover Bob Fossil is breeding mutant animals to sell to wealthy businessmen. Was first broadcast on 6 November 2001.
  5. Tundra: Bob Fossil sends Vince to Spain and Howard to the Arctic to collect more animals for the zoo. Our heroes end up back together facing the perils of the tundra. Was first broadcast on 13 November 2001
  6. Hitcher: Howard and Vince take Tony the prawn to the Zoo For Animal Offenders. Along the way they meet a mysterious hitch-hiker, and end up in the bizarre world of "The People of the Box". Was first broadcast on 20 November 2001.

CD ReleaseEdit

On 8 November 2004, a 3 disc set was released by BBC Audiobooks containing all 6 episodes from the series, plus extra material. The tracklisting is as follows:


  1. Stolen
  2. Jungle

CD 2Edit

  1. Jazz
  2. Mutants

CD 3Edit

  1. Tundra
  2. Hitcher
  3. Interview with Danny Wallace & "Never-Heard-Before" Material
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