The Nabootique
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Naboo, Bollo, Vince Noir, Howard Moon

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The Nabootique is a shop, selling numerous different items, owned by Naboo and run by Vince and Howard. As Naboo and his familiar, Bollo, often leave for clubbing or shaman affairs, Vince and Howard are often left to run the shop although there is much dispute of which of the two are officially in charge. There are rarely any customers that arrive, and even fewer are there to actually buy anything. The shop's largest success was when numerous celebrities were tagged and their locations sold to customers, which proved to Naboo that Vince was more capable than Howard.

Murders of Terminal Margaret[edit | edit source]

Terminal Margaret were a punk rock band from Dalston, England. They were going to kill Vince after suddenly scat singing but a scat singer cell Howlin Jimmy Jefferson murdered them, the creepy bastard.

Staff of the Shop[edit | edit source]

There are relatively few people who run the shop:

Items[edit | edit source]

There are numerous strange products for sale in the shop, although only a few are actually sold:

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