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Portrayed by   -   Michael Fielding
Occupation   -   Psychic Shaman
Associated with:   -   Zooniverse, The Flat, Nabootique
First appearance   -   Pilot
Interests   -  Shamanism, Getting High

"This is black magic. This is hardcore. Don't mess with the occult."

Naboo (Michael Fielding) is the psychic shaman who worked at the Zooniverse before opening his own shop, The Nabootique in Dalston.


Naboolio Randolph Roberdy Poberdy the Enigma is a Shaman from the planet Xooberon. He was sent to Earth by the King in order to protect a sacred amulet that can be used to activate the Fountain of Youth, as seen in the episode Fountain of Youth. In the First Series he worked as a kiosk vendor in the zoo, where he would tell fortunes, provide counseling, and generally help out Vince and Howard with their problems. After leaving the zoo he moved into a flat in Dalston with Howard, Vince, and Bollo the Gorilla. In Series 3 he opened up Nabootique, a secondhand shop that sells knick-knacks curios, second-hand objets d'art, trinkets, you name it.


Naboo is very helpful, wise, and powerful, but also seems to always be stoned. He is often seen smoking a hookah. To his frustration, Vince and Howard often require his assistance and he is forced to come on adventures with them. He has many magic items at his disposal, such as a flying carpet and the Fountain of Youth. Howard and Vince often go through his room to obtain these things, which makes him very angry. Although Naboo rarely gets angry, if he does then he will "turn his back on you", which involves spinning slowly over a bass track so his back is facing the person, before reversing the process moments later, as seen in Nanageddon.

His age is 406.




  • He squeezes and smokes any frogs that annoys him.
  • "Naboo's Miracle Wax" is something Naboo has which can make anyone's hair as "strong as a horse's leg."
  • He was born in the sixteenth century and is hundreds of years old, but uses the Fountain of Youth to appear young.
  • He is a recreational drug user and a drug dealer.
  • Naboo appears to have no genitals of any kind, as revealed in Party.
  • It is revealed in Tundra that he is a Fleetwood Mac fan.
  • In the Jungle (television episode), Naboo is asked what he will do when the zoo closes. He says: 'Transform into a mighty hawk. Or just work in Dixons.'
  • Naboo has a friend who works in Dixons that he smokes hookah with.
  • Bollo the Gorilla is his familiar, but he is often very unhappy with Bollo and considers upgrading to a newer model.
  • Naboolio is his full name as revealed in The Mighty Book of Boosh