This is a list of minor characters from the radio series.


Played by comedian Lee Mack, he was the security guard at the zoo, armed with an electrical baton, who always fails to recognise Howard as a zoo employee (due to his generic looks) his most famous quote being "You may as well not have a head, sir because I don't know who your face is". He appeared to be so unsuited to the job of security guard that he even failed to recognise a photo of himself that Howard pointed out was on his booth.

Colobus the CrabEdit

A television character that Vince enjoys. In the second TV series his programme can be heard playing (in the background) at the end of The Nightmare of Milky Joe. He can also be spotted in the pages of Naboo's black magic spellbook in Nanageddon.

If Vince could meet anybody, it would be Colobus the Crab, because "he's brilliant."

Tony the PrawnEdit

A psychopathic prawn who lives in the zoo and scares Vince. His eyes are terrifying "like black fists... punching into your subconscious" and "staring into your soul". He first appears in Tundra as he is mentioned as the one of their few remaining animals in the zoo. At the beginning of Hitcher Vince and Howard have to take Tony the Prawn to a zoo for animal offenders after Tony the Prawn kills all the other animals in the aquarium in two days.

Vince says that Tony the Prawn is the scariest thing he's ever seen during his time at the zoo.

Jimmy's DadEdit

Played by comedian Simon Evans, he appears at the end of Stolen to be told by Bob Fossil that his son has been eaten by a lion.

Bruno MindhornEdit

A very strange musical act in Jungle. Vince comments that "his act is weak".

The Shadowed One/Uncle PedroEdit

Howard's Spanish uncle from Tundra. He was a fisherman but he never actually fished. He had a dream to build a zoo as big as a house. He copes poorly with the fame of being lauded as Spain's first zoo-keeper and then disappears, re-appearing as the mysterious Shadowed One. When Vince goes to Spain the Shadowed One approaches Vince to tell him to save Howard.

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