Lester Corncrake is a fictional character portrayed by Rich Fulcher. He appeared in several episodes of the third series of the TV show. He's a blind vinyl doctor who is close friends with Howard Moon, and also an avid jazz fan.He mistakenly believes he is black.

Appearances Edit

Lester first appeared in the 2007 episode, "Journey to the Centre of the Punk" in which he accompanies Howard on his microscopic journey inside Vince to eliminate the jazz virus he has ingested.He next appears briefly in the 2007 episode "The Power of the Crimp", disowning Howard after his and Vince's poor performance at a gig at the Velvet Onion where they were sabotaged by their new rivals, the Flighty Zeus.His last appearance to date was in the 2007 episode, "Party", where he is a guest at Howard's birthday, where he is mistakenly beheaded, then raped (well, neck-raped - if such a term exists) by Tony Harrison. He is briefly mentioned in the third series finale meaning that he is still alive. In the deleted scenes of "Journey to the Centre of the Punk" Lester explains how he was in the Navy and that he lost his eyesight by slipping on a sausage ( Lester- Well, on the ship I slipped on a sausage. I'll never eat bangers and mash again).