Journey to the Centre of a Punk
Air Date 22 November 2007
Director Paul King
Previous The Power of the Crimp
Next The Strange Tale of the Crack Fox

All episodes: 123

Howard acquires a rare jazz record ("Voodoo Scat" by Howlin' Jimmy Jefferson) which Vince, now a punk, bites into, after submitting to peer pressure from his new punk bandmates. It transpires that "Voodoo Scat" was made with a drop of Howlin' Jimmy Jefferson's blood, infecting Vince's blood stream with a corruptive Jazz cell, causing him to embarrass his bandmates by scat singing at their gig in the Velvet Onion, which causes a riot throughout the audience. Vince is rushed back to the Nabootique, delirious, as the Jazz cell begins killing his cells. To save him, Naboo shrinks Howard and his blind friend Lester Corncrake (who are in a submarine) down to microscopic size and injects them into Vince’s body to kill the Jazz cell. After Lester leaves, Howard eventually succeeds in reaching the brain after singing the Pancake Crimp with Vince's blood cells, where the Jazz cell begins to chase him. Howard and Lester catch it, and regrow to normal size. The Jazz cell is now also normal size, but is defeated by Lester, who stabs him with Sid Vicious' safety pin (which Vince has at the beginning of the episode), causing him to stumble away crying, falling over one of the now dead former bandmates at the doorway.