Call of the Yeti

Call of the Yeti song - The Mighty Boosh - BBC comedy

Call of the Yeti song - The Mighty Boosh - BBC comedy

Directed by  Paul King
Written by    Julian Barratt
                       Noel Fielding
Air Date         25 July 2005

Series Two Episodes:

  1. Call of the Yeti
  2. The Priest and the Beast
  3. Nanageddon
  4. Fountain of Youth
  5. The Legend of Old Gregg
  6. The Nightmare of Milky Joe

All episodes: 123

Call of the Yeti is the first episode of Series Two.


During a break at Kodiak Jack's reclusive log cabin in the woods, Kodiak(Rich Fulcher) tells Howard of the mythical Yeti that lives in the forest. His desire for fame and fortune gets the better of him and Howard trades Vince for directions to the Yeti's lair. However, things don't go according to plan when the Yeti kidnap Howard, who's only chance of being rescued lies with Vince.

Songs featuredEdit

  • "Electro Boy" – an instrumental reprise of the song (first heard in Electro) is heard briefly at the start of the episode, when Vince is trying on clothes.
  • "Yeti Magic" – performed by Howard, Vince, Naboo, and Bollo, while under the spell of the Yeti.
  • "Yeti Chase Music" - played after they wake from the spell and try to escape.
  • "Yeti Magic Reprise" – performed over the closing credits.

Minor Characters featuredEdit

Kodiak JackEdit

Kodiak Jack is a strange mountain man who owns the log cabin that Howard and Vince rent in Call of the Yeti. He sports an impressive array of injuries incurred by hunting the various animals in the forest where he lives.

He firmly believes that Vince is a woman, a misconception shared by many minor Boosh characters (one of the recurring jokes of the show), and even fell in love with him. Jack is eventually raped by very horny Yeti, although he actually seemed to enjoy this.

The YetiEdit

In the world of The Mighty Boosh, the Yeti are a race of tall, shaggy creatures with skull-like faces. They live in the woods, hibernating for 25 years and then reviving to find a man to mate with. They seduce their victims with a siren song of mellow hippy music, leading their victim to believe that "we're your family" and "everything you need within life". This musical spell is so potent that it affects apes (like Bollo) and even overcomes Naboo's "fortress"-like mind. In the end, our heroes escape and the Yeti end up raping Kodiak Jack. The Yeti featured in this episode are named Kachula, Panto, Tateta, Sakulu and Fanto.


  • The Ninja - The delivery boy for Cheekbone magazine.
  • Chinko - Bollo's childhood friend, whose head is displayed in Kodiak's cabin. Chinko had his feet and his head chopped off by Bollo, for various reasons.
  • The Queen Yeti - The horniest of the Yeti, the Queen is desperate to find a man to mate with.
  • The Global Explorer Delivery Man - Played by Rich Fulcher, he asks Vince to sign a copy of the Global Explorer for his wife Alan.
  • Barry - a Welsh shaman and friend of naboo and bollo


  • This is the first episode in which the character of The Moon is featured.

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