Portrayed by   -   Dave Brown
Occupation   -   Zookeeper/Shopkeeper
Associated with:   -   Zooniverse, The Flat, Nabootique
First appearance   -   Mutants

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"I've got a bad feeling about this..."

Bollo (Peter Elliott and Dave Brown) is a gorilla who lived in the Zooniverse during the first series and later joined Naboo in the flat and the Nabootique during the second and third series.


Bollo is an gorilla who grew up in the jungle with his friend Chinquo before going to live in the Zooniverse where he became good friends with Vince, as the two found they could speak with each other. He was stolen by Dixon Bainbridge to be mutilated and converted into a new mutant. He then got ill and began dying, to the sadness of Vince but was saved by Howard who Death mistook as Bollo because he was wearing an ape costume. After this he survives and is briefly seen around the zoo, before moving in with Vince, Howard and Naboo in their new flat where he went on the numerous adventures with them while sticking with Naboo. He also sticks with Naboo while Vince and Howard run the Nabootique. He is Naboo's familiar and does numerous tasks to help him, but as he isn't very good, Naboo considers trading him for an upgrade.


Bollo is very wise and old, at the age of 100 (according to the radio series) or 42 (according to series 3), but is also very strong and will defend Vince and Naboo in a situation where strength is needed. Bollo is also very aggressive, getting cross at people who are mean to him or people he knows, as well as when he cut off his friend, Chinquo's head due to Chinquo being irresponsible.




  • Bollo secretly wishes to fulfil his ambition of touring Europe as a drummer alongside Vince and – with slight reluctance – Howard, although Naboo refuses to allow it.
  • Bollo grew up in the jungle with his best friend Chinquo, although eventually he cut off Chinquo's head and feet (and possibly other parts).
  • According to the radio series, he is 100 years old. However, his "real" age in series two is 40 (his "press" age being 29)

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