Unnatural Acts also spelt (Un)natural Acts was a 1998 sketch comedy series written by Julian Barratt, Seán Cullen, Rich Easter, and Rich Fulcher on the Paramount Comedy Channel, now known as Comedy Central.

The zoo keepers Edit

One of the recurring sketches shows Julian Barratt and Noel Fielding as zookeepers, having the same kind of wordy, bragging discussions that later became an integral part of The Mighty Boosh. Some of the topics from Unnatural Acts were kept in The Mighty Boosh, e.g. "don’t touch me", "never tremble with a newt" and "his eyes are like black holes", as well as the many threats of the nature "I'll come through your flesh like soft cheese", "I'll take your arms off gently, it will tickle, but then I'll punch your stumps" or "I'll get forty trained grasshoppers to kick your eyes out and replace them with wheat. You’ll be known as 'wheat eyes'".

The zookeepers are called Alan and George, but there are mentions of a person called Bob Fossil. Parts of Bob Fossil’s traits in The Mighty Boosh can be spotted in some of Rich Fulcher’s characters in Unnatural Acts.

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